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A professional hygiene appointment provides a deep clean, removing stubborn deposits from your teeth while making your mouth look and feel great. Our experienced dental hygienists offer friendly and gentle care while also working hard to remove substances that pose risks to your long-term oral health. We recommend booking dental hygiene appointments every six months for most patients, but depending on your oral examination, we may suggest a different frequency for your visits. Some individuals may benefit from more frequent visits to manage gum disease or plaque build-up, which can vary with your mouth’s chemistry and makeup.

Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

Maintaining good oral health helps keep your breath fresh, but it also supports strong gums and teeth. Consistently removing plaque helps prevent both cavities and gum disease from forming. Both conditions can lead to restorative dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, or more complex treatments. With dental hygiene, prevention is the key goal.

At-Home Hygiene

It’s essential to establish a regular routine for at-home dental care. Our dentists recommend brushing twice a day, morning and night. We also recommend flossing once daily to remove plaque build-up between teeth. During your regular dental visits, our dental hygiene professionals will help you improve your brushing and flossing techniques to make your at-home care stronger.

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