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A root canal is a standard procedure that cleans out the infected roots of a tooth while keeping the natural tooth intact. When performed in a timely manner, root canals also help prevent the spread of tooth decay in your mouth and even to other areas of your body. If you experience severe tooth pain or gum pain, be sure to book an appointment to see our dentists as soon as possible; you may be experiencing early signs and symptoms of an infection.

What to Expect from a Root Canal Procedure

Root canals are routine procedures that clean out the pulp and root of an infected tooth. Our dentists will use local anesthesia to ensure you are fully numb and comfortable before starting the procedure. Then, they will proceed to drill through the tooth into the pulp to clean up the root, taking away the infection and the pain. Our dentists use compassionate care and check with you throughout the procedure to ensure you are comfortable and at-east throughout the appointment.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

Root canal procedures are a common, routine procedure that saves the natural tooth. For straightforward cases, our dentists can perform a root canal in one visit. For more complex cases, we will arrange a referral to an endodontist or root specialist. When root infections are caught early, the root canal procedure treats and removes the infection so that the natural tooth can survive. After the procedure is complete, you’ll be fitted for a crown to protect what is left of your natural tooth.

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